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If a whole week of your favorite sport sounds like the best time ever, you need to come to Passion Sports Academy - PSA!

Led by PSA’s founder and veteran soccer coach, Simone Mariotti along with coach Michael Akinkoye, players can focus the whole week on technical skills, agility, and ball mastery. Players are grouped by age and enjoy games and activities at just the right level of challenge.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are held at SoFive Rockville every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Please contact coaches Simone Mariotti or Michael Akinkoye via contact information below for more information or to book a session.

Email: PassionSportsAcademy@Gmail.com

Coach Simone Mariotti : 423-612-0126

Coach Michael Akinkoye : 301-318-7955

PSA Run Club

PSA hosts weekly run clubs that are free of charge! We encourage everyone to run to get their day started. Run Club meets at Wooton High School (2100 Wootton Pkwy. Rockville, MD 20850) every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:00am-8:15am. Contact coach Michael Akinkoye at 301-318-7955 for more information or to join.

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Our Mission: Passion Sports Academy is a purpose driven journey that exists to provide the highest levels of quality training, skills, vigor, and teamwork for athletes. Our goal is to enhance their social/emotional and physical health, in a competitive, supportive, positive and safe environment. With a specific ethos in mind, we strive to instill purpose, courage, leadership, and passion in the goal that every athlete sets up to accomplish. PSA’s vehement attitude to the individual athlete motivation to compete must be greater than the fear of losing.

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